Exposure Night of the Knobbly Tread

Welcome to the Black Park Races website, this is the website for those that are interested in Mountain biking racing in Black Park, the regular haunt of prolific Mountain Bike organisers the West Drayton MBC.

After many years of attempting to find a suitable local venue for mountain biking the West Drayton MBC finally got the go ahead in 2006 to use this country park for competition use and since then have run a number of events, Youth racing days, Duathlons, Cross Country races,The Exposure Night of the Knobbly Tread event a short fast evening of quality XC racing as well as holding rounds of the prestigious Southern XC series which has seen fields of 500 riders!

Although a flat venue over the years the club have scoured the Park for natural obstacles and also added a few man made and now in places it is very technical with some A and B lines having to be incorporated into the circuit sourced.

With fantastic support from the rangers at the park both past and present, Tim Williams, Jake Slattery, Matt Madill  and Matt May the club have been allowed to expand the areas they use in the park and develop the cycle trails in areas less popular with the regular dog walkers and the feedback form riders has been terrific.

Anyone looking for coaching at the venue then get in touch with former race winner at the venue  and Southern XC champion Chris Denman who can arrange familiarisation rides and 1 to 1 coaching chris@westdraytonmbc.co.uk

The venue being a country park benefits from a hard standing car park and also has on site toilets and catering with a host of other activities at the park to keep the family occupied.

For those who want to get a flavour of the Night race held every Autumn then check out the following video

Look forward to seeing everyone at at race here soon and check out the rest of the site for up to date news on the latest event.

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